Addis ababa university thesis proposal pdf

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and undertakes research (disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and/or thematic) processes to completion and gives feedback on new research ideas initiatives and subsequent research process. Description of the action and its effectiveness: This section describes the action to be taken, their effectiveness, and the relevance of the participating partners, collaborators and other stakeholders. Findings and knowledge emanating from the research undertakings are disseminated through appropriate channels or patented or incubated for transfer of technology. The President may seek advice on matters pertaining to the long-range planning for faculty development, design of academic programs; creation of research programs; strategic planning of financial and other resources as well as student affairs and personnel policies. Outcomes: Describe the major achievable milestones or deliverables that the STR proposal is designed to accomplish. At the minimum, list the risks for each proposed action and suggest possible mitigation measures (max. RUs seize to exist as research activities come to completion and new ones sprout with new thematic researches. This is first expressed in the formulation of a thematic research title that takes the whole research group into a three- to five-year protracted action (max. The Research Council is one of the standing Councils of the Senate. Organization of Research and Technology Transfer at AAU. Ethical clearance: The need for specific ethical clearance of the STR should be clearly stated burnt text effect on paper showing the possible risks on human or animal subjects and the responsibility of mitigation of the damages (max. In this connection, various relevant guidelines have been developed and are being used in the management of the different research activities of the University. The following constitute the major organizational bodies as regards management and decision making in research and technology transfer. Summary of the research components (from Part II, below Provide a brief description of the various components of the proposed thematic research with special focus as to how each component fits together in the jigsaw and contribute to the achievement of the major objectives and. Objectives: The title must be supported with major and specific objectives to which the planned action will contribute and aims to achieve.

Costs of the STR should avoid redundant costs of other STRs in the. Provide an initial risk analysis and eventual contingency plans for the same. Administrative Constituents, proposals and projects, telephone and postal numbers, quality assurance mechanisms. These should be specific to the STR but should reconcile with the other STR of the main TR max. Such as financial costs, the structure that takes AAU to preeminence as a research university is already in place as the following description shows. The Office of Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer vprtt makes sure that AAU operates phd in line with the regulations and guidelines of the central federal government regarding research activities in the country. And the actual translation of research ideas into experimentation take place. Specific objectives can be set as well in connection to or emanating from the major ones. College or Universitywide where research ideas are generated and developed into research concepts. Names of institutions, general breakdown of the costs and costs by phases of each year.

Addis ababa university thesis proposal pdf

Research components Title of thesis sub thematic research STR This title emerges from the main ababa TR title and should reflect and be part of the action and outcomes of the exercise max. Relevant and updated literature review to justify the specific objectives that will contribute to the resolution of the problems by the. For monitoring progress of the action max.

These can be described in the knowledge that can be created (possible number and types of publications: journal articles, conference papers, modules, public lectures, etc.) and usable technologies that could be created during and after the completion of the project years (max.These can be described in the knowledge that can be created (possible number and types of publications: journal articles, conference papers, modules, public lectures, etc.) and usable technologies that could be achieved during and after the completion of the project years (max.Furthermore, assurance should be ensured by statistical verification of the data and the level of partners interaction using the Internet (max.

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