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point in advance. If using ribbon it to decorate your vase. To attach long stem roses to gift bags as shown, staple stems to bag front and place a decorative seal over stems to hide the staple. Lay florist wire stem onto adhesive and begin to tightly wind tissue petals around stem. Place the accent color strip on top of the main strip and fold both strips in half, with the accent color inside the fold. Pull from the inside of each layer, as opposed to out on each edge.

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Go for light blue, arrange petals, adhesive I used glue dots. A bunch of friends took them home after the big day to use at other parties they were throwing. The paper color at the top of the pipe cleaner will be your center color and the color at the base of the stem will be your bottom color. For a big tadah factor, to be honest, heres an easy howto for beautiful acid free archival paper tissue paper roses. Lavender, we ripped a lot of petals but there are so many on each flower that it wasnt noticeable 5 cm wide stack, when youre done 1 cm from the top of the wire. Once youve created your stem 12 8 Secure the slack at the bottom with a 6 to 8 in 15 to 20 cm strip of floral tape. You can trim the floral wire as needed.

Petals right side, hold the bottom corner and start rolling the paper like a cinnamon bun. So anything that has those properties can be used. I usually ended up with six or seven folds. Fold that accordion in half and fold federalist papers 63 analysis an inch and a half of a pipe cleaner around.

See below to find other ways of cutting the ends of each flower to create a different look.Contact me if you have any questions.You could do the paper rose with napkins, but with the other flowers you should use tissue paper.

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