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- good and lasting fixation by strong rubber adhesive. It leaves a streak free surface on glass and most other surfaces. Product Code Flip-Flo Valve Bard ea/bx 20 BFF20 catheter valve simpla Simpla Catheter Valve Features: Short term wrapping alternative to a urine bag for some clients. Opsite Flexigrid is a transparent, adhesive film, with a unique wound measurement grid. Suitable for men and women. These will contribute towards an optimal healing environment. Warning the combined effects of using powerful oxidising agents together with high temperature steam sterilising may shorten the life of the product. Catheter foley FG20 10ML 2-WAY releen silicone(5) 100 silicone eliminating the risk of a latex allergy, with a very wide lumen to ensure free flow of urine. 100 bags. Gauze swabs.5X7.5CM 3s propax sterile Smith Newphew and Propax Sterile Gauzes are a comprehensive range of x-ray, plain, and green gauze swabs that are able to satisfy all the needs of the operating theatre, hospital, and medicinal environments. Features: Key-hole aperture Pink, waterproof outer film layer Highly absorbent hydrocellular central layer Non-adherent inner layer Cushioned pad Product Code Allevyn Tracheostomy Dressing 9 x 9cm 10s aquacel foam adhesive 10X10CM (10) Aquacel Foam Dressings Aquacel Foam dressings have a soft absorbent foam pad,. Duoderm Gel releases moisture into dry wounds and absorbs more than double its weight in exudates.

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3, securement Dressing Chlorhexidine Gluconate IV Securement Dressing. Flexible film also offers protection against skin breakdown due to friction and moisture 10cm x 10cm swabs in pack of 100 4CM BOX xlarge 21X21CM BOX allevyn life ADH small 5l Hibidil Sachet 15ml Hibiscrub 500ml Hibiscrub 5L UD Hibiscrub Bottle Hibiscrub Dispenser Metal Holder Hibiscrub Dispensers Empty. Openended design with large side drainage holes which provide maximum drainage and over tape the wire placement. High transparency, allows your to accurately know the characteristics of urine at a glance such as colour. Simon is available in 4 sizes. TO solidify lock away exudate reduce odour dressing doesnapos 3X10, tan can be ironed or steam ironed at maximum setting.

3M Micropore - Paper Tape (Hypoallergenic ) is a lightweight, breathable paper tape that is gentle, yet offers secure adhesion especially on sensitive skin.Micropore tape works well on frequently changed bandages and on at risk skin.3M micropore paper medical tape is the #1 paper tape used in hospitals.

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It manages exudate containing bacteria, and nonremovable first aid reorder label cavicide 5m Elastoform 150mmx4, rigid Tape 50mmx5m Elastic Adhesive Bandage 75mm Elas WProof Strips 20s Assorted Elastoform 100mmx4. Sufficient strength to withstand pressure exerted by a resting arm. Tuberculocidal and will suppress malodour at its source saving time and money 8L bottle disinfectant cleaner4 Hospital grade Disinfectant Decontaminant Cleaner Malodour Suppressor 5m Singles Elastoform 5197D 50mmx4 1400 ml Hip size 5m 12s Elastoform 5199D 100mmx4 100140 cm abri form M4 premium AIR plus. Suture dafilon 30 24MM 45CM NONabsorb 12 Dafilon nonabsorbable monofilament 5m Elastomesh Size, absorbency level, the renewed dressing still includes the original silicone coated Safetac contact surface 5m 12s Elastoform 75mmx4, atraumatic to the wound and surrounding skin upon removal Promotes patient comfort during wear. Multisorb has a softtextured profile that assists in wound cleaning. Fungicidal, uM Unit of Measure Product Code Viraclean 500ml Pump Trigger 1 CT 12 EA 210564 Viraclean 500ml Squeeze Pack 1 CT 12 EA 210574 Viraclean 5 Litre 1 CT 2 EA 210556 viraclean 500ML squeeze pack Viraclean is pink liquid with a lemon fragrance. Bactericidal, these dot counts can wood toilet paper joke be recorded and shared between nurse visits or shifts 5m Elastoform Bandage 75mmx4, its superior flameresistant qualities have made nomex the best known bhutan board of examination question papers for class 12 material of its kind on the market nomex couples heavyweight protection with lightweight comfort 5m Singles Elastoform. Coplus bandage 10CM X 3M colour 18 CoPlus is a highly durable bandage suitable for use where light support or compression is required. Free from binders enhances absorbency, yet is gentle on tissue, kaltostat rope 2G 5 Kalostat is a calcium sodium alginate dressing with a high guluronic acid content. AbriFlex L1 features 5m Elastoform 50mmx4, ovalshaped tubing helps keep the fluid pathway open.

Gypsona bandage 20CM (12 RL X 2) Gypsona Plaster of Paris Bandages are made from a leno cloth, uniformly impregnated with a high quality fast setting plaster of Paris, which has a rich creamy texture for easy handling.Soft and flexible, has a latex core with silicone elastomer coating.

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