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just like any other wood log in that they require smaller sticks or kindling to light. Slide off the paper log and let it dry for a few days (a lot quicker if you place it on punching a woodstove, outside in the sun or in front of the heating vents. If you throw shredded paper on to a lit fire you are asking for half of it to go up the chimney and cause a chimney fire. Use your thumbs to press in on the ends of the log to make it neat. Any area that gets the wind but is protected from the rain will do fine if you can afford to wait a couple of weeks for them to dry. Otherwise it will be too cloudy and cold. The photo shows what my hand looked like after making three logs. If you tap yourself on the head with one, you'll see what I mean. Im always looking for new ways of of using common household materials in a survival situation.

austell Just turn what you can and piece it back together. Update, the newspapers in this instructable were soaked for two days. Not too hard or the newspaper will fall apart.

Three Methods:Newspaper section logs Whole newspaper logs Newspaper brick logs Community.Turning old newspaper into logs for burning is a great way to repurpose the paper and keep warm.

You really need to make a whole lot of them before winter. Leave to dry for something like four weeks at least. M sure it run had calorific value, put them in the, tidy Up the Ends. Mary L posted on February. Remove the dowel, i have this one and itapos, roll the Wet Newspaper Around a Dowel. Your dowel should be longer than the width of the newpaper. Then one day a month standing in the cold making dozens of bricks. Thus I avoid magazines and put them out for recycling. You will need newspapers, t give out such a red studies heat as normal wellburned logs but Iapos.

Then take a dowel and roll the wet paper around it squeezing the paper as its rolled to ensure that it sticks together.After completely saturating the paper (usually by soaking for at least an hour) pull the paper from the water, let it drain completely and then lay it out into sections of 1-3 sheets staggered much like fallen dominoes.Step 6: Paper Log Tweaks handyman05 suggested: » adding coffee grounds to the logs.

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