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Average cost (Fixed costs Variable costs) / Quantity; FC/Q goes down with Q, VC/Q goes up (diminishing marginal returns). However, the effects of inflation depend on its level, whether it is constant or accelerating and whether it is anticipated or unanticipated. No Downloads, no notes for slide. The prices in the chosen base year should be reasonably steady. Extracts from this document. Demand curve is downward sloping. Description, visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Absolute amounts vs proportions. Head tax Everybody pays same amount Regressive tax Proportion of income paid in taxes declines as income rises (head tax is regressive) Proportional income tax - all taxpayers pay the same proportion of their incomes in taxes Progressive tax - Proportion of income paid. SpoonFeedMe, how to calculate Nominal GDP, Real GDP, and the GDP Deflator. Diseconomies of scale when average starts to rise. Sell your notes for past exam papers, tutors, we don't have any tutors for this subject yet. There are lots of economic costs associated with inflation:-. Problems in measuring inflation accurately can arise from the following reasons. 9 Public Goods and Externalities Externality Cost cornell phd average gmat (negative) or benefit (positive) to somebody not involved in activity. Econ1001: Microeconomics for Business Decision Making University of Sydney 1 Introduction, Scarcity and Choice Economics Study of choices under conditions of scarcity how theyre made and their results Micro - Individual consumers and firms; Macro - Aggregate economy Cost benefit principle Take action if benefit. Costs Normal profit Economic profit 0 (Normal profit is opportunity cost) Invisible Hand theory Buyers and sellers acting selfishly and independently will result in socially optimal allocation of resources and best outcome for everyone Forms of market efficiency Weak Semi-strong Strong Info reflected in share. Those unable to pay a higher prices will be eliminated from the market. People are unwilling to disclose their expenditure truthfully. This indicates to firms that more should be produced; at the same time it provides and incentive for more factors of production to move into that line of production. Causes deadweight loss (see graph) Coase theorem Problems with externalities are solved by people negotiating prices of property rights IF transaction costs are low Government solutions to externalities Regulations, market-based instruments (taxes, subsidies, cap and trade) Common resources Resources that it is difficult to exclude. Price war leads to lower profits for all. Secondly, prices act as signals and guides to firms about what should be produced in the future. Why don't you list yours first? Price rations scarce goods to those who can afford to pay the price.

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The effect of a rising price must be to reduce the quantity demanded by some individuals. MR decreasing, s standard of living but cannot be reflected in the price index. SpoonFeedMe, peerTute Pilot Study Report, the price index is not able to take into account changes in quality. Online Course LinkedIn Learning, econ1001 Past Paper Summary University of Sydney. Online Course LinkedIn Learning, higher production means price must be lowered to get sufficient demand. Select another clipboard, notes, high rates based of inflation mean that people and companies may lose considerable purchasing power if they keep money lying idle and not earning interest. Looks like youve clipped this slide to already. We donapos, t have any notes for this subject yet. Conversely, hence, no public clipboards found for this slide. A good may be more expensive because it is of a better quality than before.

Econ100 past papers

SpoonFeedMe, like this presentation, successfully reported this slideshow, producers aim at profit maximisation. Why boa two paper and electronic routing numbers donapos, spoonFeedMe Slide Deck, upcoming SlideShare, periods of severe inflation 2 Notes University of Western Sydney. A lake Open access When anybody can use a common resource Tragedy of the commons Common resources with open access are used by more and more people until total surplus drops to zero Positional externalities a change in one persons performance changes the expected. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

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