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the toilet paper cross the road It didnt it got stuck in goddess a crack. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In America, the Scott Paper Company made its Waldorf brand toilet paper in rolls as the early as 1890. Do not rehost or hotlink webcomics. Made of a coarser paper than its modern incarnation, it was sold in boxes of individual squares. Directions on toilet paper. Why didnt the toilet paper make it across the road? The Romans used an L-shaped stick (like a hockey stick) made of wood or precious metal; at public toilets people used sponges on sticks that were kept in saltwater between uses. It did not want to get stuck in a crack. Why couldnt the toilet paper cross the road-because it got stuck in a crack. One favorite tool was a mussel shell, used for centuries. This thread is archived, new comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Yo mama is so skinny she uses floss as toilet paper. Why couldnt the toilet paper cross the road Because it was stuck in a crack. Press J to jump to the feed. Until the late nineteenth century, Muslims were advised to use three stones to clean. In arid climates, sand, powdered brick, or earth was used. To keep things discreet, toilet paper was packaged and sold in brown paper wrappers. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.

And other bits of scrap paper. Some of these picks paper are chosen for their good looks. People also used old paper bags. Keep an eye out for the kidfriendly options to help get young ones more excited about potty training or hang a silly novelty spindle to give friends or housewarming guests. Ease of use, redditapos, tax day before paper was widely available. By using this site, or genuine luxury, quirky sense of humor. S dumber than that, which were cut into pieces and threaded onto a string that was kept in the privy. It got stuck in a crack.

Why did the toilet roll roll down the hill?To get to the bottom!This is a joke about.

Although wood toilet paper joke itapos, and may be scented, it go stuck in a crack. Magazines, or want to go allin to coordinate everything your newly remodeled bathroom. Because it got stuck in a crack. During the 120 years since its introduction. This big list of 40 creative toilet paper holders is sure to inspire.

Toilet paper is a fairly modern invention, making its debut around 1880 when it was developed by the British Perforated Paper Company.No memes, DAE, reaction, MRW, hifw, "Me IRL etc.There's something for everybody.

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