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universities. Major comprehensive exams will occur over two days, the exam for each day lasting four hours. It is precondition for acceptance into the PhD program that the department has the necessary expertise for supervising the project suggested. As far as possible, PhD students are given the option to teach subjects related to their research areas. Applications for grants are judged by an academic panel according to the following criteria: The originality, coherence and plausibility of the research proposal submitted by the applicant; The relevance of the project to the research agenda of the Department and its areas of specialisation (see. The Faculty of Social Sciences can also be reached by fax. This should define the research question and describe the focus of the project and the theoretical approach and methodology envisaged. PhD students some way into their studies may also, by agreement with the director of PhD studies, be asked to function as 'tutors' for newly enrolled candidates, introducing newcomers to departmental PhD life. Applicants with other degrees and curricula may be judged on a case-by-case basis. Dissertation writing group will also serve as a forum for research presentations for job interviews when appropriate. The latter will include teaching and oral and written presentation of work in academic and non-academic fora. Any remaining hours required to make up the total of 840 hours must be predominantly research-related or research-outreach activities,.g. Trinity Research in Social Sciences (TRiSS) which brings together researchers from different disciplines. The budget should contain a rough estimate of expenditures for travel, conferences, possible fieldwork, special equipment and so forth. Students select a major and minor multi field from the following three fields: Political philosophy/political theory, american politics/constitutional law, international relations/comparative politics.

The Department of Political Science currently has around 45 full time faculty staff. S research environment, part of the post graduate training and PhDstudents are expected coach's list paper to participate actively in departmental research seminars and more informal research seminars. Officia" i try to challenge my students to think critically about why they believe what they believe. Includes PSC 5323 ieee seminar papers Research Design and Research Methods. In accordance with Graduate School guidelines.

Visit the former students section to view completed theses and details regarding graduatesapos. A date for the prospectus defense can be set only after every member of the committee has had a chance portland to read the prospectus and deems it defensible. This means phd that candidates will normally have completed five years of study within political science or related disciplines.

The nature and timing of paid work should be specified in the schedule drawn up in the application process (see below).Normally this will take the form of teaching post-graduate MA classes in subjects directly related to the student's thesis.

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