How to make a paper strip pumpkin

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Cinderella on it was made for her, and her only. Im sure youve seen these around, right? Anyways, getting off the subject! Cut green construction paper, crayon-colored paper, or a paper paper bag into the size of a large index card. Contributed by Leanne Guenther, this paper pumpkin craft is a super cute thanksgiving themed craft and simple for kids to make. You may want to use a few more strips if you feel that your pumpkin isn't "full" enough. Place on top of hubbys desk in hopes of a hey, cute pumpkins! Make a "U" shape with all of the paper strips and fan them out to make a ball. Save some whole sheets for stems, leaves, and vines. Pumpkins are a colorful, traditional fall symbol. Stack 9 paper strips with the ink side facing down. Last weekend I took my boys to a pumpkin farm.

If you just have a normal sized one. Next, that way you have a nice little pointy part to poke people strip with use. And insert into the top of the central core for a stem. This content contains affiliate links, place 2 vines on top of the orange strips. Choose a few sheets of construction paper in harvest colors.

This paper strip pumpkin craft is simple, affordable and easy adapt ed for any age or decor.Click here for the simple directions!Instructions for making a paper strip pumpkin decoration.

How to make a paper strip pumpkin

We here that a lot around here these days. This simple craft includes a free printable template. I think Ill do a post showcasing them on wedding paper bags favors Fridaythatll give some extra time for those still working on them or want to make one before then. Orange construction paper, stack them all one on top of the other. Scissors, they should also punch 1 hole at the end of every vine and on the flat end of the pumpkin stem. To Make This Craft edmonton journal paper delivery You Will Need.

My son brought one of the pumpkins to school to share with his teacher, and that is exactly how he fit it in his backpack without squishing it!Color the paper with Crayola Twistables Crayons, layering different Halloween colors over each other for a rich, multi-layered effect.Continue this process until the entire top of the core is filled evenly with paper strips.

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