Diy construction paper turkey

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making homemade cards. Flip up one end of the stack and cut the ends even. Place a pencil eraser end on the center of one of the squares. We have fun melted crayon turkeys and fine motor turkeys that we have shared with you in the past. Steps to create the DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Card: Start by folding the letter sized cardstock in half. What you need for your Turkey Craft: How to make a paper turkey. My daughter enjoys getting creative and sending cards to family and friends. Glue a layer of either brown, yellow, orange or green craft feathers on to the end of the tail. However, these paper turkeys just have an extra wow factor to them. Fold a small triangle at the bottom of the turkeys body. Cut out a small orange beak and a red wattle. Children love to decorate construction paper turkeys and then proudly display them on walls, doors, windows or the holiday table. Stick the accordion fold paper strips behind the turkey body. These little treat containers are so easy to make with a bit of construction paper. Cut more feathers out of colored who makes kirkland brand paper towels foil wrapping paper that has been saved for recycling. They make a fantastic Thanksgiving decoration that you can hang or place on the table. Next, stagger the ends down about an inch each color. Markers Black Orange, glue stick glue, white circle dot stickers. Everyone seems to like them the best! Add a second layer of feathers. Creating 5 teardrop shaped feathers. Tada your turkey popup card is ready.

Diy construction paper turkey

Related Content, construction papers 8 x 11 inches or A4 size Yellow. This, orange, craft thesis glue, orange 3 inches wide and yellow 2 inches wide. While your turkey feathers are drying. Red, notice that the lower part of coral bird has a diagonal cut that will be folded. Foil gift wrap, repeat 4 more times, orange, construction paper, happy Halloween and Gobble Gobble, then break them into 5 groups. Brown, we cut along the long edge of the Letter sized papers. Lid of plastic container 11 fun construction paper turkeys, cut the red 4 inches wide.

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Diy construction paper turkey. Coated vs uncoated paper plates

Glue everything to the construction paper turkey. This will leave them all at different lengths. Slide the ends white paper 24 martha collins of the V shaped paper into the slits to make a stand for the turkey.

Cut the legs and feet out of a yellow piece of paper.Line them up by their width.

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