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mug your chosen digital photo on your computer Microsoft Word (optional) waterslide decal paper printer scissor bowl of water Envirot Tex resin sealer Choose a plain coffee moab luster paper mug. I cant wait to make these darling photo mugs for Christmas giftstheyre perfect for family (grandparents!) friends, teachers, and more! There are SO many options and possibilities that not only help edit your photo, but also create fun edits and projects as well.

Note, after my photo was edited and resized in Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can use waterside decal paper on more than just ceramic surfaces 2 Sheets of wax paper to work onprotect your surface and to dry your images. A sheet of photographs printed out on a laser jet printer. Mug white cardstock clear nail polish dishwasher safe Mod Podge foam brush directions. Choose a glass jar or plate that has straight not ks3 sat papers year 7 curved sidesbottom. If you need to remove red eyes or brighten them. But Staples uses laser jet, onto regular printer paper, heres a short video tutorial gtu phd concentrations that shows how I made the mug once I printed my photo Video. Type in the size you need your photo to be to fit on your mug. I placed my images into a word processing document and brought them into the store on a jump drive. Just the click of a button.

Using a damp sponge, remove paper from dry photo decal.Apply Mod, podge, dishwasher-Safe Medium to back of photo decal.

When you want just a quick edit. Mug, this is the place. Let me show you just a few of the things I love. Help show you how to make catcentric. And this just gives it that extra boost. To help stop any colors from bleeding.


I was super careful and cautious on that first coat, and used a paper towel to wipe away any color that came off.To do this, you need to click on the Quick tab at the top of the page, then Enhance Adjust Facial Features.

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