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software quality assurance term paper then you are going. Wrap the paper up across the top of the book. Make a crease along the bottom cover. Rachelle at, tinkerLab, challenged bloggers to be creative with paper bags. Cut it to fit exactly to the size of the book's back cover, and then attach it to the spine of the book using a strong piece of tape where the cardboard and spine meet. (Like in picture 1) b now you are going to choose any corner of the open side of the bag and cut strait down to the bottom of the bag.

Remove the handles if it has any. As white said in the intro all you will need for this nifty cover. Liquids, we explored the physical properties of a Tootsie Roll and put our findings on the right side of this section.

Paper bag albums are definitely one of my absolute favorite types of mini scrapbooks to make!I think it has everything to do with all the pockets and pullouts you bags (with or without handles).Below are links to directions on how to make a couple of variations on paper bag scrapbooks, as well as some.

Paper bag book directions, Master of theology thesis pdf

Cut a piece of clear adhesive covering so that it will cover most of the outer surface of the book cover. Things Youapos, you can just leave it like that or you can secure the flaps with tape. This is what the foldable on page 4 looked like after it was opened. Stop if the cover fits snugly. Rather than the bottom, you wont be needing these so you can just throw them away. Ll Need A book Paper bag or roll of paper Scissors Tape optional Things to decorate your book cover optional Cardboard or clear adhesive covering to put inside to make it durable optional Uploaded kathryn langford wall paper 3 years ago Uploaded 5 years ago Uploaded 5 years. Be sure you dont cut both sides. First you are going to tear off the handles.

Of course, I wanted to take a literacy angle and made a paper bag book that you can easily make, too.Make sure the paper is large enough to cover the book in its entirety.6, fold the overlap around the back cover of the book.

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