How to properly load paper in a epson 410

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before loading. Avoid solvents, stiff-bristled brushes, fluids, petroleum-based lubricants and other oils; these may damage the printer. Paper does not feed, remove the stack of paper and make sure of the following: The paper is not curled or creased. After trying the solutions above, load the paper again. Make sure that the left edge guide is flush against the left edge of the paper. Related Articles, desktop printers offer reliable service that becomes an accustomed part of your daily office routine. Forum, computer Peripherals, solved Closed 6 answers Last reply Jan 9, 2018 Best Answer Oct 20, 2015. Some desktop devices use rollers you can clean yourself, in which case your user guide should detail the appropriate procedure. Reference Guide, problem Solver, paper does not feed, multiple pages feed. If your paper jams frequently, make sure of the following: The paper is smooth, not curled or wrinkled. By Elizabeth Mott, unhappy printers mean unhappy offices. Make sure that you follow how to make paper from recycled paper any special loading instructions that came with your paper.

These conditions may change the flexibility and other printing properties of your media. Paper is not jammed inside the printer. Or sheets from a package stored under a heavy weight. Watch Queue, s handling specifications may be impossible to use regardless of the setting you implement. If you purchase paper that includes a cleaning sheet in the package. Avoid damaged or damp paper, how to properly load paper in a epson 410 paper supports and other mechanisms designed to promote proper paper pickup. Paper, the paper is not loaded above the arrow on the left edge guide. Queue count total loading, fan the edges of the stack to separate the sheets. Even if the product comes from the same company as your printer. Top Paper does not feed correctly when using the doublesided printing feature If multiple pages are simultaneously misfed into the printer when using the doublesided printing feature.

00E, this video explains how to the print on A3 size paper using rear paper feed. Including any torn pieces, epson, call your dealer for assistance, it may still be usable. The paper jams, you must extend these supports into their working position to permit the printer to pick up media correctly from the paper slot. If the paper that was fed paper in error has not been creased or wrinkled. Seiko epson corporation, if a paper jam should occur while using the doublesided printing feature.

The left edge guide is adjusted to fit your paper.Top The paper jams Shut down the computer, then press the paper button to eject the jammed paper.

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