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world offers or proposes. Finally, a question might be raised about the relation of Du Boiss double-consciousness conception and the sorts of self-doubts, troubled feelings, and identity issues that have been linked to biracial or mixed-race appearance or identity in our persisting, harshly racialized American social world. For Gordon, rack the epistemological significance of double consciousness is that one of the two perspectives implicit in itthat of the white worldis necessarily partial, yet positions itself as universal, and so, is a form of consciousness that hides itself (2008: 79). Reed attributes this shift in focus to an ideological current within the post-segregation-era black petite bourgeoisie (1997: 130) centered on assertion of black presence within hermetically constituted communities of academic discourse (1997: 945). You are also likely to find fewer policemen in neighborhoods and cities with a multi-racial population. To the extent that whites accept the premises of white supremacy, and live and act upon them, they are deceived about themselves and act out a deception that the blacks who are subject to them are in a position to see through. 2.6 Uses and Extensions of the Concept Cornel West extends the analytic grasp of the concept as part of a critical discussion of double-consciousness in his first book, Prophecy Deliverance! This may work for Souls as a literary text, but it doesnt help make a consistent theory of black political leadership plausible, suggesting as it does that no actual black political leader is immune from double-consciousness.

191 This how is Du Boisian doubleconsciousness as GoodingWilliams interprets it in Souls. Has tended to focus on the ills of the black people. And tempt the mind to pretence or revolt. Which is a consciousness of the contradictions in that dominant selfconception. Writing of the collective unconscious of homo occidentalis. In the posthumously published Autobiography, first, amourpropre is a purely social sort of antisolidarity. To hypocrisy or radicalism, must give rise to double words and double ideals.

The concept of double consciousness is attributed.E.Dubois after his publication of 1903.

Added to the doubling blue of consciousness consequent upon racially oppressive social conditions 77 135 This passage is surely aimed against the debilitating effects of the facts of life for Black datasheet folk in the JimCrow south. Is to question the alleged sources of influence on Du Boiss thinking. GoodingWilliams agrees with Reed in rejecting readings of doubleconsciousness as a timeless condition.

In a reading of Souls that is central to his book, Gilroy highlights the nagging anxiety over the inner contradictions of modernity and a radical scepticism towards the ideology of progress with which it is associated (1993: 117) that he finds there in germ form.Reacting to the definitionsaying its not true.He presents first- and third-personal accounts of what it is like, spiritually, to live in conditions of double consciousness, either through autobiographical writing or by personifying the feelings, attitudes, and thoughts associated with double consciousness in fictional or composite characters.

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