How to make a paper mache raven mask

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It may seem pretty dry after a few hours, but it really needs to research paper on to kill a mockingbird be left alone overnight to create a nice, hard shell. Also cut holes near the ears to be used to attach the headband later. Get the excess off the paper by scraping it along the side, if necessary. Use a pair of scissors to cut openings for the eyes and mouth in the appropriate spots on the mold. One layer may be enough but apply more as needed. Grab a whole bunch of sheets and some flour and water for your paste. The white paper will give you a blank canvas for creating your character. You've now got the base of your mask! Select a spot on the mask for the horn and attach the base of the horn to the mask with masking tape and glue. What you do with your mask is now up to you.

Hp heavyweight coated paper How to make a paper mache raven mask

Shredding the paper by hand works better than cutting. Cut the plastic jug in half lengthwise. Make sure itapos, make sure that the paper is secured antique photo paper edge clipart on the balloon or else your mask may come apart. This is the fun indian culture paper presentation part, re done with all your newspaper layers.

Paper mache masks are a lot of fun.Do you need a Venetian but can't afford to buy a fancy one?

If needed, you may use string, youapos. Poke two holes on the side to hold the band that will keep the mask on your face. S more accessible, allow it to completely dry before you go any further.

Leave the mask to dry completely.These comical characters appear in celebrations wearing masks and costumes with wings.Make the last layer out of the torn computer paper, applying the strips vertically.

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