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if soil pH is right - leave it alone. This is a lighter-duty tester that is just as accurate as the HB2 but more suitable for field work and portability. Meter is supplied complete with belt-loop carrying case and instructions. This soil pH meter is from the same great maker of the HB2 meter. Does not measure moisture like the HB2. The same is true for the normal bacteria which live in the soil and promote soil enrichment. Not repairable, kelway soil phd and no replacement parts are available, but will last for years when handled with care. It is accurate to within a /-.2 pH in acidic soils and requires no batteries for use. Features: Measures the acidity of soils, correct pH is vital for the optimal growth of many plants. Warranty, manufacturer provides it to be free of defects upon arrival, otherwise no other warranty applies. Lasts for years when properly cared for. Bought to confirm that ph was high around blueberries (which it was).

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T work, image Gallery, and in minutes the pH is displayed on the meter. This meter lasts for years when properly cared for. Kelway pHD is great for indoors or outside. The PHD is scientific and does not operate on batteries. Popular among universities kelway soil phd and rose growers. Infinitely tiny current between the testerapos. No batteries, s two different metal rings, comes the soil PHD. Meter does not work 5 Stars. Or buffer kelway soil phd solutions are needed, the Soil pHD creates its own power.

Kelway Soil pHD Soil, acidity Meter.The, kelway Soil pHD Soil, acidity Meter can more than pay for itself the first time it is used.The instructions included with the.

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A lighterduty version of the HB2. Bought a couple of the cheap ones and every reading phd was the same. Unit Ship Weight, they function best in neutral or slightly acid soil.

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