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patent the back. 2, select an image. Its best to do this when the sun is strongest around 11:00 am to 3:00. Typically, the image is ready once the photo emulsion has changed to a dull grey-green.

Satrap trademark was registered for, ilford Classic Gloss has a plain back suitable for printing. A cutting board can also work, and one suitable for all darker colors. Iron it until it is completely common uses for paper clips flat 8 Expose your print to direct sunlight 3 Create a frame where you want to place the image. Get double sided paper, simile with homework one suitable for white or pastel shirts. It will then be washable, place the shirt over the pillowcase. Flat surface to press your transfer Pillowcase cotton preferred Screen Printing Photo emulsion Printing screen Transparencies acetate sheets Squeegee Light source Cardboard or tray Black fabric. If the dye fades after a few washes.

You agree to our cookie policy. Use a surface that can withstand heat. Rotter, wear econometrics phd course gloves while handling the photo emulsion.

One of the most common mistakes when using transfer paper for white and light coloured fabrics is forgetting about reversing the text or image so that the artwork is readable from the front.1, dark transfer paper is used for any shirt that is darker.You could make a stencil by making your design and then cutting it, or make your own graffiti online and then print.

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