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is deemed to be as boundless. History Indo Canadian 18 th, century first definitive encounters between the First Nations and other aboriginal peoples of present day Canada and South Asia began when British traders engaged in the. Its followers practice a strict policy of non-violence, or ahimsa, and shun the use of any animal product for food or clothing. They were able to get work in the police force and some were employed as night-watchmen by British firms; Others started small businesses of their own. Christianity Brought to India in AD 52 by Thomas, the doubting disciple of Jesus. Unlike in the West where ones faith is considered private, Indians tend to display their religion prominently. The Worlds largest economy 1st to 11th century 33 of World GDP more than whole of Western Europe. Friendship between guys and girls who are not related is considered inappropriate. In Indian culture, it is essential to show proper respect. (100 per year) Komagata Maru Incident (1914) steam liner carrying 376 passengers from Punjab, India arrived in Vancouver. Hinduism Aum Waking, dream and deep sleep Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva The three Vedas (Rig, Yajur and Sama) The three worlds (Bhuh, Bhuvah, Suvah) The Lord is all these and beyond. 1967 - all immigration"s based on specific ethnic groups were scrapped. The first sound of the Almighty Oneness with culture the supreme. They give up their homes and possessions in order to live a life of meditation and prayer. The Adobe Flash plugin is needed to view this content. Click below link (As may be) to get this presentation. Religion Population Percent All religions 1,028,610,328 100.00 Hindus 827,578,868.456 Muslims 138,188,240.434 Christians 24,080,016.341 Sikhs 19,215,730.868 Buddhists 7,955,207.773 Jains 4,225,053.411 Others 6,639,626.645 Religion not stated 727,588.07. Humid tropical regions with rainforest in the southwest. Overcoming their initial reluctance to go to these countries due to the treatment of Asians by the white population, many young men chose to go, having been assured that they would not meet the same fate. Show me how, after you enable Flash, refresh this webpage and the presentation should play. Get the plugin now. ( Shiva ; III Vishnu) Guru Spiritual teachers and guides in the religions of India. (2014 Ethnocultural Portrait of Canada Data Base)Toronto has the largest Indian Community in Canada. The British Invasion The East India Company - 1612 The Company Rule 1757 to 1858 The Indian Rebillion The First War of Independence The British Raj 1858 to 1947. Communication Indian communication tends to be indirect and a persons words may only convey a fraction of what is being said. Family and friends One of the most important parts of Indian culture is relationship(who you know). The Divide Rule Policy. The Zoroastrian religion came from Persia.

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16 Urban Literacy, hinduism The Trinity Generates Brahma Observes Vishnu Destroys Shiva 3 main concepts in Hinduism Dharma Duty in life Karma goodbad according to the pumpkin proportion in which ones fulfilled his Dharma Reincarnation Brahma Vishnu Shiva. Caste status, the Sikhs, known as the Five Ks in Punjabi. Social dimensions The caste system The untouchables Caste is the Indian class system. Permission is granted to download and print the materials on this web site for personal 38 Female Literacy, noncommercial use only, from Dreams to Reality. Recommended the New World to fellow Sikh people who were online in a position to venture out and seek new fortunes. Each Sikh man displays his religious identity with five symbols. Elementary Education Fundamental Right More than 1700 Colleges.

Transcript of Indian Culture Presentation.Bobby Jindal 2016 Survey Feedback Indian parents are very careful about each of their kids studies so they usually have some extra work for them at home to study so they can be smarter than others in their class and may need extra.A Presentation by Nikhil Nandigam.

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They staged a peaceful protest upon returning to India. In 1858, creed or race, seasons Winter, equal privileges with white people model answer paper msbte without discrimination of colour. Slide7 Komagata whiting dissertation fellowship Maru Incident SlideThe Canadian government reenfranchised the IndoCanadian community with the right to vote.

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One of the largest populations of Muslims in the world, despite their being a minority.Sikhism The Sikh religion was born in India.Sports, Sports, Sports Official national sport is Hockey Indigenous sports include: kabaddi and gilli-danda Chess was invented in India Many indoor and outdoor games such as snakes and ladders, playing cards, polo etc.

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