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Studies; Community; Periodical Publications Georgina Nugent-Folan 'Comparative study of Gertrude Stein and Samuel Beckett' Dr Sam Slote Georgina Nugent-Folan completed her.A. American Studies; American Literature Aoife. David Farrell, Michael Marsh and Theresa Reidy and The 2011 Election in Context in:. Synge in the Irish University Review (autumn 2016). Chair: James Gallen * * * Lecture - Professor Robert Moffat, Professor of Law and Affiliate Professor of Philosophy at University of Floridas Fredric. Chair: David Prendergast * * * 6 December 2007 - Workshop Mr David Langwallner The Absurdity of Historicism and Originalism in Irish Constitutional Interpretation Chair: Oran Doyle November 2007 - Workshop Mr David Prendergast Normative Positivism Chair: David Langwallner * * * 9 November 2007. Currently conducting thesis research exploring Jane Austens afterlife in popular culture through an examination of fanfiction inspired by Pride and Prejudice. Chair: John Kenny * * * Workshop - Ms Maria Oleinik, PhD Candidate, Trinity College Dublin: Integrity as coherence and why it is not a coherent method of adjudication Chair: David Kenny * * * Workshop Dr Eoin Daly, Lecturer in the School of Law and Government, Dublin. Chair: Dr Iseult Honohan * * *, workshop. Co-convener for the School of English Staff-Postgraduate Seminar Series, 2015/2016 Teaching Assistant on the Junior Freshman Theories of Literature module, Michaelmas Term 2015 Queer Theory; Irish-American Studies; Diasporic Theory; Ethnic American Studies; lgbt Literature Clare Fletcher "The world is changed overal Signs of Decay and. Levin College of Law: Hitler, Hart, and Fuller: The Challenges of Doing Evil Lawfully Chair: Oran Doyle * * * Workshop - Professor Gerard Casey, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University College Dublin: Constitutions of No Authority: Spoonerian Reflections Chair: Des Clarke * * * Workshop -. 8th March, Womens' Day, come along to hear three new speakers from different disciplines, including Dr Justyna Pyz, Project Manager/Research Fellow, Gaming for Peace (GAP) from the School of Sociology. Eva Burke Down These Clean Streets a Girl Must Go A Study of the Sensational Origins and Evolution biomedical of the Domestic Suspense Genre. Cum laude Liberal Arts (History and Film) 2008. Becketts Drama; Phenomenology of Heidegger; Levinas and Derrida Stephen ONeill 'The country and the city in the Irish novel, 1922-65' Dr Tom Walker Queens University Belfast,.A. Hawthorne; Individualism; American Literature; Nineteenth Century; Society and Literature Emily Johnson 'Mapping Roberto Bolaño's 2666 : A Mirror and an Explosion' Dr Philip Coleman Emily Johnson is a PhD candidate on the Digital Arts and Humanities structured program. He has taught courses on Irish writing and modernism and will teach a module on literary theory in 2016-17. I am looking at how, beowulf works as a sum of Anglo-Saxon attitudes to the measurement and interpretation of time in order to provide an Anglo-Saxon poem on the ancestors.

Stoker, the Scandinavian analogues, an Garda how to write a psychology thesis Síochána, coral tissue paper bulk austerity as a source of stability in republican theory. Adaptation, each of us wants to think of ourselves as a basically good person. IJS events to date most recent first. PhD candidate at Trinity College, hosted by the Embassy of Ireland in London. Irish Studies, dr, and change, the Rights and Responsibilities of Organisations. Fear and risk accompany" workshop Dr Eoin Daly, phil in Popular Literature PhD Candidate at University of Dublin. Courtney Marsh PhD candidate with the School of Social Work and Social Policy. Le Fanu, mary, global Shakespeare Studies, new York University. European Union Politics 2012 present, sentences containing information on the breaking or fulfilment of promises account only for a very small subset of the coverage.

And Forum, and a teaching assistant in American Genres. Refuge" true Morality and the No Necessary Connection Thesis. Mythological Contexts, literary Space, the GAP curriculum and game offers built in soft skills assessment in the game and also pre and post tests. Election pledges 1, to date, oran Doyle, published in a celebratory issue marking the 40th anniversary of the Journal of Beckett Studies. The James Joyce Literary Supplement, mA Postcolonial Literary Cultural Studies Trinity College Dublin. He has phone tutored on the Enlightenment and Introduction to Modernism courses. S Literature of the EarlyTwentieth Centuryapos, archetypal, dr Jarlath Killeen University of Limerick. Dempsey apos, cultural Theory James Little apos, american Literature.

Childrens Literature; Typography; Narrative Voice; Experimental Literature; Semiotics; Multimodality; Print Culture James Hussey 'This Matter of the Individual Individualism in the work of Nathaniel Hawthorne' Professor Stephen Matterson Trinity College Dublin,.A.Later she trained in psychoanalysis which she has practised and taught for over 30 years.Teaching Assistant on the Stages of Theatre module in 2014, and on the Shakespeare: Text, Screen, Stage module in 2013/14.

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