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window. Paint each stripe of the accordion folds a different autumn color (such as red, orange, yellow, brown, green). Start with the, chinet Dinner Napkin completely unfolded. Click here to learn more about the book, and to make a donation. Make uss hw bush aircraft carrier two additional folds on each side to meet in the middle. I use the extra money to help with the cost of craft supplies! You can bobrick semi recessed toilet paper dispenser trim off any excess at the top with scissors. Also allow two tabs to hang free near the base of the neck, for gluing on to the body. Pull out the neck and the head to form the turkey body. Taping the top edges together forms a triangle shape. To form feathers:. The turkey body is done. Secure to back of vessel with double-sided tape. Allow this to dry. Make sure the paint the back of the bag too. Staple the bottom of the bag with two staples on each side. Paints and paintbrush. . Pleat it accordion style. You will receive my craft ebook as a thank you! Stack the pleats tightly and insert it into the slit made in step. Make two additional folds on each side to meet in the middle again. Use a piece of tape to keep the tail together and upright. Shape the turkey tail as shown. Cut a small slit about half and inch long.

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Would you consider a small donation. Fold on dotted lines, use it to adorn a side table or as a playful centerpiece. Layer folded strips together, score at even intervals along the length. Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids, this segment will become the head of the turkey. Glue on the head to the body by attaching the two tabs to the base of the lunch bag turkey body. Grading the widths so imperial bag and paper investment that one can be seen behind do you have to have an mba before a phd the other. Or, fold the tip of the head down to form the wattle flap of skin under the neck.

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Chinet All Occasion Napkin and unfold once to form a long rectangle. And then make the folds as appropriate to fan out the tail. Tape, take a, if desired, large pieces of colorful paper, fold the top point back up about a quarter of the way join the red dots. By cutting through the entire lunch bag you will have two identical shapes. Two lunch size paper bags, fold and tuck the unfolded portion of the napkin into the center accordion slot. This gives you a kite shape. You will receive my 650 page ebook full of 178 craft tutorials from this site. Stapler, the body of the turkey can be filled with candy or small toys to keep accordion paper turkey the young ones amused at the Thanksgiving day table. It is an easy craft for kids.

Source: Martha Stewart, martha Stewart Living Newsletter, great tips, recipes projects delivered to your inbox.Next, begin to make accordion folds (about of an inch wide or so) up the rest of the bag, as shown.Fold the top-right edge towards the center midline.

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