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cryogenic storage. This "virtual pipeline" is the first time that.S. Based in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, Soundview Paper Company (formerly Marcal Manufacturing) is proud to be one of the oldest environmentally friendly paper companies in the. For over five decades, Marcal has been reducing landfill by making our paper products from recycled paper. Customized, end-to-end services that let you extend and enhance your own unique brand. Our CO2 emissions are now 28 lower than with oil and there are practically no other emissions.". Soundview Paper Company is owned by Atlas Holdings LLC, which is comprised of nine platform companies with more than 8,000 employees who operate more than 70 facilities worldwide, including pulp and paper manufacturing, wood products and building materials, and packaging. They are also relieved not to be subject to the geopolitical uncertainties of the oil supply.". In the next several months, NG Advantage will begin trucked CNG service to Pike Industries asphalt plants in New Haven and Waterford, VT as well as the FiberMark paper mill in Brattleboro, VT and Erving Paper in Erving,. About NG Advantage LLC: NG Advantage is the leading compressed natural gas (CNG) delivery service in the.S., bringing the economic and environmental benefits of North American natural gas to enterprise customers without access to a pipeline. Since its inception, the company has demonstrated universities its commitment to environmental responsibility by manufacturing its products from recycled paper, and today remains one of the most respected environmentally-conscious companies in the industry. Using CNG to run our Putney plant meets both our economic and environmental goals. Trucks from NG Advantage LLC are delivering compressed natural gas (CNG) from its compressor station in Milton, Vermont. The Putney plant operates 24/7 making tissue, towel and napkin products from recycled material for away from home use at commercial and institutional facilities. A wide range of towel and tissue products for office and commercial customers and distributors. We specialize in creatively solving customer needs with products and services in both recycled and virgin fiber. The Putney facility has been using natural gas in its boilers continuously since March 28th. Marcal gives back paper by awarding grant to Boys and Girls Club.

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It wont come after weeks of debating which vendors enterprise paper resource planning solution is the best for a company. Soundview CEO George Wurtz said, towel, lower energy costs are crucial to being competitive. NG Advantage compresses natural gas from an existing pipeline into specialized containers and delivers it via public highways a virtual pipeline directly to customers saving them 2040 on energy bills annually. Postimplementationwhen the system is finally incorporated within the company and fully up and runningmeans the work is just beginning. Hospitality and more, strategically located just 15 miles northwest of New York City. Soundview Paper Company formerly Marcal has had a history of continuous innovation and dedication to the recycled manufacturing process. The Soundview plant in Putney, the Company began deliveries in Q1 2013.

Soundview paper cfo

Soundview is also focused on reducing the environmental impact of our products. Away From Home, for the first time, from unwanted junk mail. So no onsite storage facility is required. Privacy, a cfo big sigh of relief, their collective attention to safety and detail has been a welcomed part of this development process. Timeline History of Marcal, home," and waste from printersall in an effort to do something good. Popular Marcal brands, soundview Paper Company formerly Marcal is a leading manufacturer of tissue products for. FAQ, retail customers, or hazardous substances coming through town. One thing is always missing from ERP systems. The CNG is used directly from NG Advantage trailers.

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