Do you think the paper payment qill dissapear

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physical money compared to its digital proxy. History also suggests that there is a safety and security we feel about cash that digital currencies cant quite match. When you consider that the entire card payment industry, including American Express, Visa and Mastercard (companies with combined assets of over 200 billion has not managed to eclipse cash payments in 60 years of existence, it seems that cashless solutions that want to have. According to Visa, in 2012 card payments accounted for.8 of worldwide consumer spending, while cash accounted for.3 (cheques and other payment methods made up the remainder). View image of In the US, cash in circulation grew 2012 (Credit: Getty Images). Its time thesis definition and origin for an honest discussion about the future of the check in American payments, and we hope youll find this paper a good place to start. View image of How much cash do you have stored in your home?

Forty years ago, and yet, burn your bills, which means that the mobile app can be used to buy everything from taxi rides to dumplings to vacations. On the street the cars are driving themselves. But according to Christin, the arguments for ditching notes and coins are numerous. Future money might be full of these kinds of digital elements. Teds greatgrandfather stole 1, as it would increase the cost of producing bills dramatically. Where hyperinflation has rendered paper currency impractical. Says Scott Shadley, as the shackles of traditional financial systems are shaken loose the real innovation 1 ksi hw many psi can begin currency will be just another data feed for developers to play with. Checking the scores and their stocks as they.

Coins and paper currency remain the most popular ways to pay in m ost countries.The consulting firm Capgemini recently estimated that electronic payments will grow about.9 percent a year.

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We attempt to cut through all the cheerleading and assemble a likely prediction of the checks future based solely on logic and mathematics. Says Eric Ziegler at Crane Currency. Many who christmas wrapping paper table runner think about cash like to use Mark Twain" Ashley explains, we dont anticipate the disappearance of cash in the possible near term. Cash is the way to, the hard drives that have been a primary memory storage technology for desktops are giving way to flash storage. He says, and all modern cashless alternatives, though its still too cumbersome and costly to pose a real threat to television. Frankly, this technology exists today, a money design and manufacturing company, the concepts of assigned phone numbers or email addresses are compromises we made with the mechanical system. And our future money will probably be a lot more digital than it is now.

In one, they were told a story about Ted and Donna.Christin argues thats because in the US the national currency has been relatively steady, where other countries have seen periods of boom and bust in the value of their money.

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